2014 CHORD conference and call for papers: ‘Retail Work – Historical Perspectives’


11 September 2014

University of Wolverhampton, UK

CHORD invites proposals for papers that explore the work of retailing and /or distribution. All forms of work (paid and unpaid) in the retailing and distributive trades are of interest, from small shopkeepers, shop assistants, pedlers and market sellers, to large-scale entrepreneurs, wholesalers and distributors. We welcome all disciplinary perspectives and there are no limitations in terms of the historical period or geographical area covered.

Possible topics might include but are not limited to:

§  Strikes and workplace strife

§  Retail management, entrepreneurship and business practices

§  Workplace rituals and traditions

§  Marketing and salesmanship

§  Trade unions, trade associations and associational life

§  Representations of retail work and work-based identities

§  Training, skill, apprenticeships and guilds

§  Gender divisions of labour, respectability and status

§  Technologies, innovations and spatial strategies

To submit a proposal, please send title and abstract of c.300 to…

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