Further Reading

This page set to grow and develop as The Hodson Project progresses. It will include links to interesting blogs and information about the books/journal articles that are shaping my thinking around the collection.

The Hodson Shop Collection

de la Haye, A. (1993) The Dissemination of Design from Haute Couture to Fashionable Ready-to-Wear During the 1920s. Textile History , 24(1), pp. 39-48 .

Wilson, E. and Taylor, L. and British Broadcasting Corporation (1989) Through the looking glass: a history of dress from 1860 to the present day. London: BBC Books.

Taylor, L. (2004) Establishing Dress History. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Taylor, L. (2002) The Study of Dress History. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Black Country History – a searchable website featuring images and information about items from The Hodson Shop Collection as well as thousands of other historical artefacts and documents from around the Black Country.

There are also some informative documents available to download from Walsall Museum’s website. They include detailed information about the contents of the Hodson Shop and summaries of oral history interviews about the shop.



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